DUO Escorts in London and Prague

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To ensure that the price rates charged are customer friendly, we decided to come up with the same fixed fee structure that we charge on our clients. The charges are fixed depending on the duration or amount of time one requires our services. For instances, if one wants our services for only one and a half hours, the client will pay 300£ or 350€. On the other hand, if the clients require our services for three hours, he will be charged 700£/800€. The following table shows the amount of money that we charge our clients according to the duration they need our services.

Duration and Amount Charged:

1.5 hours 300£/350€
3 hours 700£/800€
6 hours 1000£/1200€
Overnight 1400£/1700€

Sometimes we can decide to offer duo services all of us. In this case, we charge a different fee as compared to when we are working individually. In order to attract and maintain our potential customers, we always ensure that the fees charged are also customer friendly. Therefore when working as duos we use the same price as depicted in the table below. In the table below the minimum amount we charge is 1500£/1700€ for a minimum of three hours and the maximum amount charged is 5000£/7000€ in a whole weekend depending on the time spent together with our clients.

Time spent together and Amount Charged:

3 hours 1500£/1700€
6 hours 3000£/3500€
Overnight 4000£/5000€
Weekend 5000£/7000€

From our price rates, it is evident that our job is well paying. We want to take you through a simple arithmetic, for instance just assume that we are working as a duo in one fine weekend. This means that in one weekend we will be able to earn 5000£/7000€. In a month, there are four weekends, therefore at the end of the month, we will earn 5000£/7000€ × 4.

This will give around £20000/€28000. Subdividing the money between us you will realize that each of us will go home with £10000/€14000. This money is much far than even the salaries of many people who work as civil servants. By earning this money we are able to cater for our travel expenses, afford personal effects and maybe assist our families at home at the end of every month.