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Carla, 26, Busty Blonde

Have you ever posed a bit and asked yourself these two questions! What makes a woman to choose to become an escort among the many options she has in life? What is life like as a high priced escort? These and many more are the kind of questions that many people tend to ask themselves day in day out without getting any appropriate answer. Like in many cases people will choose to become escorts because of the financial constraints they are facing trying from the sensual messages finally to engaging in full service where they start offering their services. In other incidences, the majority of female will become escort because of sexual curiosity. From the research done, it is clear that almost half of the female escorts and just over a sixth of the clinic prostitutes started their work because they saw an opportunity to make money through sex.

This is the story of two girls Cassy and Carla who decided to become escorts. “We chose to become escort among the many options we had to choose from in our lives, Cassy and Carla would always say this smiling. We found ourselves becoming escorts simply because we wanted to make a living out of it. Besides, in our jobs, we would give various services to our clients and earn money as a form of exchange for the services rendered. Also, we would find an opportunity and the pleasure to travel to new places to meet new people and interact with them and also enjoy the various historical sites in the cities of London and Prague at the same time.


Do you always wonder what kind of services do escorts give to their clients? Worry not because most of the escorts understand well what they are required to do. Being the main source of our earning most of us are ready to do even the unthinkable and unmentionable jobs for us to put food on the table, pay bills and support our families. Some of us even love what we do much where we enjoy meeting new clients and visiting various historical sites between the two cities of London and Prague.” Cassey and Carla would always say this.

“We love our jobs very much to an extent that we are much dedicated towards doing anything to ensure that our customers get satisfied. We mainly work in London, Kensington but for one week of every month, we both travel to Prague to visit our clients in France. To ensure that our customers are satisfied we are always willing to do anything that will make our clients feel happy and satisfied and think of seeking the same services from us the next time they feel like. For us to emerge out successfully we have created a strong relationship among ourselves where we work as escort companions and also we have developed a high level of integrity where all the matter that takes place in the dark are kept secret and confidential among ourselves. The services we offer include the DUO escort services where we are always there for any gentleman that wants to visit any social event with a girl on each arm.

We are ready to make you happy and create a smile in your face making your days brighter than before. Just feel welcomed. In additional we normally travel between two cities of London and Prague. Therefore, all the visitors in the two cities who are in need of our services all they are required is to make a booking with us contact us through our emails and phone contacts. We assure you will love our services and think of seeking the same time you visit London or Prague.

We have embraced our jobs with two hands and accepted that that is what we were meant to earn a living from. From our jobs we are able to earn much that helps us to support our families, meet our daily needs and pay the tuition fee for our studies. Besides we have devised special ways that we use to attract most customers thus increasing our earnings. For instance, we have opened an online website where we post our pictures and invite clients from the various parts of the world.

Besides, we are available 24/7 to reply to emails sent by our clients regarding booking arrangements and contracts. We have also exchanged our contacts with our regular customers so that we can be easily accessed if the next booking is needed. In addition, our physical appearance and our unique body complexion have acted as an added advantage towards attracting most of our clients. To sum up all, we have prepared a fixed price rate where we charge the same fees for the services offered. The price rates charged are consumers’ friendly attracting a high number of customers who require our services from all the parts of the world. Don’t be left behind, feel much welcomed to enjoy our services.