DUO Escorts in London and Prague

Booking and Contacts

Carla, 26, Busty Blonde

Besides, creating a website where we can easily invite our clients online, we have committed ourselves towards ensuring that we are always available to respond to any email 24/7 sent by our clients seeking our services. In our response, we always ask for the contacts of the clients and also inquire about the time and place where we can meet. Those clients who have become our regular customers are allowed to have access to our mobile phone contacts so that they can easily make next booking if they wish to do so without struggling to find our contacts.To ensure that we are able to cater for the demands of our customers in the two cities i.e London and Prague, we have suggested that any person intending to do some booking in London must do so at least two hours in advance. This will help us to make any prior preparation in order to meet them. On the other hand, in the city of Prague, any booking done is scheduled according to our travel plan, usually last week of every month.

To make a booking, please write an email to this adress: