DUO Escorts in London and Prague

We are two busty blondes - Cassy and Carla

Cassy, 24, Busty Blonde

If one tried to look at us from a distance, we almost looked similar with almost the same age. Our unique physical appearance and the body complexion and shapes advertised ourselves and what we were ready to do thus giving us a ready market. Being young ladies below thirties and very beautiful in looks, the business on our side got booming since most of our customers got attracted by our physical appearance.Do you need escort services? Don’t waste a lot of time. Welcome to the city of London and the city of Prague in the last week of every month and you will get our services. You will leave the city smiling and your days being brighter than ever. Don’t hesitate just welcome all.

My name is Cassey and my nationality is from British. I am aged 24 years old and blonde with blue eyes. I am 170cm tall in height, busty 34D, and love most the Italian food and traveling a lot. Besides, I love following the latest fashion trends in the market making me become fashionable Cassey would be heard describing herself.

Our regular customer and new customers feel most welcomed. Come and have a test of our services. We are available 24/7 to ensure that you get the services to your satisfaction. Our prices are customer friendly and adjustable to fit all your expense.

Welcome one and welcome all. My name is Carla from France I am aged 26 years old, blonde, and brown eyes. I am 165cm tall in height and busty 34C. Since I like education, I normally take some advanced French classes when I am free. Besides, unlike my friend Cassy, I enjoy much taking red wines, reading classic novels, and watching good movies. Because of these physical appearances and our unique body complexion, we easily attract many customers who could give us money at the end of the services we offer them. The money we collect for offering these services we use it to offer support to our families, facilitate our traveling and paying bills Besides, I would use the money in paying for my tuition fee since I am taking some advanced French studies.” Carla says.